Homeopathic Medicine at Home, 3rd edition

by Jonathan Breslow

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A course manual you can use on your own.

"I continue to be grateful for your careful correction of my lessons and your comments. I can feel my self confidence grow as I see that I am choosing the correct remedy most of the time."
M. Bever, Indianapolis, IN

"I have enjoyed this course immensely and have had some fun curing minor illnesses - those being mostly children with colds and earaches."
I S. Severino, R.N., Ojai, CA

"I have completed your course, and in many ways hated to come to the end. It has been intensely interesting and stimulating, and has already proven useful. You have done an excellent job and I would like to congratulate you on it."
D.W. Larsen, Honolulu, HI

Homeopathic Medicine at Home, 3rd edition
ISBN 9780962093906
Language English
Author Jonathan Breslow
Pages 155
Publication Date 1992
Type Paperback