Homeopathic Education

by Catherine R. Coulter

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Catherine R. Coulter's latest book 'investigates the body of knowledge a homoeopath spends his life amassing and examines his manner of acquiring it. As in all forms of growth, during the process of becoming a full-fledged practitioner, there are certain clearly delineated stages to be passed through, each presenting challenges to be confronted, pitfalls to be avoided, and disappointments to overcome. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. The intent of this work is to indicate and describe the rites of passage that ultimately bring the aspirant to his goal: to practice, with confidence, integrity, and skill, the science and art of classical homoeopathy'from the 'Introductory Remarks.'

C. R. Coulter has been active in homoeopathy for almost half of a century and has been conducting long-term preceptorships for physicians since 1974. She has lectured and written extensively on homoeopathy and has been prominent in introducing the homoeopathic archetypes to the general public. Drawing on her wide knowledge of homoeopathy and clinical experience, Coulter offers the reader her unique view of homoeopathic education. Whatever their level of experience, homoeopathic practitioners will glean valuable insights from her approach; and her discussion of the basic challenges of homoeopathic prescribing will illuminate many of the difficulties of the method

Homeopathic Education
ISBN 9780971308275
Language English
Author Catherine R. Coulter
Pages 319
Publication Date 2008-12-31
Type Hardback
Printed in USA
Publisher Ninth House Publishing