OUT OF PRINT: Homoeopathic Drug Personalities With Therapeutics Hints

by Chakravarty


I shall consider my attempt at writing this book successful, only if it is found useful to the students and practitioners of Homoeopathy. I can only introduce myself as a lover of Homoeopathic Philosophy, and can do no better than quote Dr. J.H. Clarke, the famous Homeopathic Physician, in order to express my feelings for this School of Medicine:
"If any one wishes to know what is my religion, I reply, I am a Homoeopath. My politics? I am a Homoeopath. My fatherland? Homoeopathy. With me Homoeopathy is first and second and third, and everything else that is desirable, come after that." In fact, because I love Homoeopathy, I love these drug-personalities also as my near and dear ones.
And I shall fail in my duty, if I do not mention here my heartfelt gratitiude and respect for Dr. J.N. Kanjilal, from whom I have picked up whatever knowledge I possess regarding Hahnemannian Homoeopathy and treatment of difficult, chronic diseases.
As regards the plan of work after a short introduction, some of the most important deep-acting, long-acting constitutional remedies have been dealt with, in consideration of their varied and universal applicability in the treatment of difficult, chronic diseases.
Afterwards, the arrangement has been purely alphabetical for the convenience of the readers in finding out the remedies.
- Anima Chakravarty

Homeopathic Drug Personalities With Therapeutic Hints
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ISBN 9788170216797
Language English
Author Chakravarty
Pages 377
Publication Date 2002-01-01
Type Paperback
Printed in India
Publisher B. Jain