Heymischer Homeopathy

The Schmendrick's Guyide to Remedying Yiddish Kvetches

by Chaim Yankel

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Got bopkes? A pain in the kishkes? Afraid you may be going messhuge? Zay gezunt with homeopathy! Here find a reference, what himmel schikt (heaven sent) homeopaths call a Repertory. In heymischer (down home) fashion, Yiddish kvetches are matched with over 140 klapn zey aoys (knock them out!) remedies. Not to mention it will put a smile on your punim. Who knew?
The Galitzianer, Chaim Yankel is nebbish a long-time student of the big macher Jerry Kantor. He schleps every day from his hovel in Hotzeplotz to his fancy schmancy office in Chelm where treating dybbuk possession, lok in kopf (hole in the head) and narishkeit (craziness) gives him nachos (a warm prideful feeling). 
ISBN 978094678822
Language English
Pages 178
Type Paperback

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