Helium: Including an Introduction to the Noble Gases

by Jeremy Sherr

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'The elements of the periodic table are the building blocks of the universe. The noble gases are a key to understanding the periodic table. I therefore embarked on an investigation of the noble gases towards a deeper understanding of health, disease and our entire materia medica. I never imagined it would take me twenty years.' Thus begins Jeremy Sherr's epic voyage into the deepest secrets of the noble gases. Having extensively proved these remedies Jeremy transforms the raw data into a living journey of discovery. This is the first volume in the series. It contains an itroduction to the noble gases and an in-depth exploration of Helium, the leading light and gateway to all the other nobles. Using logic, analogy, physics, metaphysics, biology, myth and Cabbala, Jeremy weaves the symptoms into a tapestry of meaning, potentising our understanding to higher and higher levels of perception. Beginning with the study of the element and physical affinities, the book takes us through the generalities, emotional essence, geometrical structure and spiritual aspects of the remedy, culminating in a profound and revolutionary study of the soul's reincarnation.

ISBN 9781908127037
Language English
Author Jeremy Sherr
Pages 220
Publication Date 2013
Type Hardback
Printed in Great Brittain
Publisher Saltire Books

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