Heilkunst Series - Precursor to the Organon

by Verspoor

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The first systematic analysis of Hahnemann's occasional writings, leading up to the 1st edition of the Organon.

The Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst has launched a new series of books on issues related to homeopathic principles and philosophy, called, The Heilkunst Series.
Each of these books covers a topic or theme that is self-contained and will provide both the student and seasoned practitioner with new insights and knowledge that will affect the way they practice Hahnemann's medical system.
The material from these books is drawn from extensive research and clinical experience and builds on the work done in Homeopathy Re-examined, which is no longer in print. Julian Winston, in his recent review of the homeopathic literature, stated about Homeopathy Re-examined:
"There has not been a solid book discussing the Organon in depth since Kent's Lectures in 1900... This is the first new look at the meaning of Hahnemann's seminal work without the filters of the past... it is a must read for anyone interested in the practice of homeopathy beyond simple 'first-aid' depth... The ideas presented... are thought-provoking and deserve to be opened up for debate after all these years."
The Heilkunst Series is intended to bring the fruits of this research to the general public in a manner that is more easily approachable - around specific topics or themes. The complete series will cover eventually a dozen books or more. They are very portable and easily used in class.

Language English
Author Verspoor
Pages 50
Publication Date 2010
Type Paperback