Handwriting and Homeopathy

by Ulrich Welte


Personality structure expresses itself in handwriting. Handwriting is a frozen image of motion patterns. So handwriting is a significant clinical background symptom of great depth. It is well worth learning to read this 'script inside the script'.

In twenty years of clinical experience and in thousands of cases, handwriting has shown its homeopathic efficiency as a confirmatory symptom, or it pointed directly to the correct diagnosis of a remedy.

This book is a reference work to compare handwritings in homeopathic practice. It contains 750 handwriting samples of 315 remedies. Numerous case descriptions illustrate the usefulness of this new symptom and serve as a practical guide to its successful application.
Handwriting and Homeopathy
ISBN 3921383722
Language English
Author Ulrich Welte
Pages 337
Publication Date 2005-01-01
Type Hardback
Publisher Narayana Verlag

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