Groups and Themes

Gruppen und Themen - Grupos Y Temas - Gruppi e Temi

by Roberto Petrucci

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This book is a combination of the classical approach with the modern thinking and can be easily used by every homeopath using different methods.
Roberto wrote 8 key themes for 172 groups (56 Plant families, 13 groups from Animal Kingdom, 6 periods and 18 stages of the Periodic table, 15 anions and 52 cations from Mineral Kingdom and 12 different groups like desert remedies, drugs, gems, oils and rocks).
The eight sentences method easily let us understand the main topics of every group trying to give a deep shortcut in order to be able to find the right remedy from the biggest selection in the shorter time.

The content of the book is in 4 languages: English, German, Spanish and Italian.

ISBN 9788894439106
Language English
Pages 284
Type Hardback

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