Grant Bentley

Book Author Full Name: Grant Bentley

Books by this Author

  1. Soul and Survival

    Soul & Survival explains human behaviour. We are complex creatures who have both a soul and a survival instinct. When we understand how each of these two aspects works, we gain a deep understanding of who we really are.Soul & Survival concepts are based on thousands of people telling the ...

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  2. Appearance and Circumstance

    Appearance and Circumstance, by Grant Bentley, contains explanations and facial charts to aid the homopath in utilising these concepts. Facial feature identification can be incorporated into any current case-taking method. By the end of his life, Hahnemann regarded himself as a miasmatic prescriber ...

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  3. Homoeopathic Facial Analysis

    Hundreds of photos and sketches with detailed parameters to aid in the miasmatic analysis of faces. This book is the complete guide to facial analysis and combined with Appearance and Circumstance will allow homoeopaths from student level on to make an accurate miasmatic diagnosis before a remedy is ...
  4. How Aphorism 27 Changed The World

    It was Hahnemann’s mission to raise medicine out of the quagmire of fantasy and delusion and to place it on the firm footing of reason and observation, as written in the Organon of Rational Medicine. It is ironic in these modern times that it should be homeopathy, of all the different medical practices, that is throwing itself back...

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