Frans Kusse

Book Author Full Name: Frans Kusse

Books by this Author

  1. Children's Types

    The old standard work by Borland on homeopathic child types has finally found a worthy modern successor to rework the subject matter and extend it by drawing on the author’s own personal experience. People have often asked why there's no book which, apart from describing the well-known major child r ...
  2. Homeopathic Types

    After the great success of his work Children's Types, we are pleased to announce Dr. Frans Kusse's book of adult types. He has an uncanny ability to portray homeopathic types in a lively and straightforward manner such that we can see them in our mind's eye – and so recognize them more easily in pra ...
  3. Tipos Infantiles

    El genial homeópata holandés, Dr. Frans Kusse, ha lanzado un nuevo trabajo maravilloso acerca de la tipología de 56 remedios homeopáticos clave para niños. Ha capturado, de forma clara y directa, los rasgos característicos principales de estos remedios. Aunque podríamos imaginar que ya...
  4. Profils d'enfants

    L’éminemment sympathique homéopathe hollandais, Frans Kusse, a produit un nouveau travail fantastique sur la typologie des 56 principaux remèdes homéopathiques pour les enfants. Il a saisi d’une façon claire et simple les traits de caractère de ces remèdes. Bien que nous pensions en...
  5. Homeopathic Remedy Pictures

    Vicki Mathison, already well-known for her wonderful illustrated materia medica for animals, is back – to the delight of all her fans! This time, in collaboration with Frans Kusse, author of the very popular Homeopathic Types and Children’s Types, she turns her keen eye and skilful pen towards humans, young and old.The...