Ernest Albert Farrington

Book Author Full Name: Ernest Albert Farrington

Books by this Author

  1. Lesser Writings With Therapeutic Hints

    A collection of his articles from different journals of his day. ...
  2. Lectures on Clinical Materia Medica in Family Order

    This is one of the first classical works done on group study of remedies. This edition was edited by Lilienthal and is comprised of Farrington's lectures. The book is a compilation of the various lectures delivered by Dr. Farrington & emphasizes drug study according to their familial classification. Drugs are described in a...
  3. Comparative Materia Medica

    Differentiations of remedies for 40 complaints; comparisons of symptoms of selected remedies by location; comparisons of 'allied' remedies; therapeutic hints for bedside reference for various ailments. While arguably limited in the range of ailments discussed, the remedy differentials and therapeutic hints are invaluable.