Dynamic Somato-Structural Integration DSSI

The Ikebana of Manual Medicine - A Neurophysiological and Biological Approach to Manual Medicine

by Joe Rozencwajg

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Drawing on his vast experience, Dr. Joe Rozencwajg has the rare ability to unite the essence of different fields of manual medicine into a genuinely clear and effective approach. This he calls Dynamic Somato-Structural Integration, in which he draws on the best of methods like Ortho-Bionomy and visceral manipulation, integrating techniques such as yoga and craniosacral therapy with homeopathy.
He explores mechanical healing using the minute movements originally developed in osteopathy manipulation with a touch as light as that of a butterflys wing. The simplicity and effectiveness of his approach is stunning.
Using a series of vivid examples from real-life cases, he demonstrates how he carefully chooses the most suitable approach for each patients illness with awesome results. The complaints range from backache and arthritic complaints through pruritus, gastro-esophageal reflux, Menires disease, and asthma to hypertension, diabetes, and kidney failure.
Dr. Joe Rozencwajg gives a clear explanation of how different manual therapies work at an anatomical and neurophysiological level. He shows how this understanding helps us to find the optimum therapeutic approach for each patients specific condition.
A book brimful of valuable information, new connections, impressive cases, brilliant ideas, and pioneering treatments. The deep healing achievable with this method holds great promise for anyone working with complementary therapies.

From the introduction to this book:

'When I do something, I want to understand why I do it, how it works, what the principles behind the method are, how it links with other methods, how they work together, or against each other, what the pitfalls are and how to avoid them.
This is what I have tried to do in the following pages. And while researching the basic principles behind the techniques, the anatomy, the neurophysiology, I have seen my understanding grow and my techniques become at the same time simpler and more effective.
Now I know and understand what I am doing, so it is now rarely happens that a clinical presentation surprises me and leaves me wondering what is going on. Transforming the clinical picture into aetiology, mechanism, anatomy and neurophysiology automatically offers a therapeutic approach, or many different ones.
This is not reductionism in the worst sense of the word. This is simplification and clarification.
This is the Ikebana of Manual Medicine.'
Dr. J. Rozencwajg, NMD.

The slow germination of the concept
Ortho-Bionomy . The continuation of Stills original method
Visceral Manipulation aka Liquid Osteopathy (Barral)
The Connective connection: fascia here, fascia there, fascia everywhere
The Diaphragm and breathing pattern as a centrepiece of Somato-Structural
The Diaphragm as a Medical Tool
Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga as medical disciplines, integral part of DSSI
Some protocols 108
Dynamic Somato-Structural Integration DSSI
ISBN 9783943309140
Language English
Author Joe Rozencwajg
Pages 116
Publication Date 2011-01-01
Type Hardback
Publisher Narayana Verlag

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