Dinesh Chauhan

Book Author Full Name: Dinesh Chauhan

Books by this Author

  1. A Wander with a Little Wonder: Child Centric Case Witnessing

    Over the years to develop a system of case taking that Dinesh intended to be, ageless, timeless, beyond any personality and more importantly Human Centric , he develops his own Art of case taking (Case Witnessing Process) that helps to reach the deepest core of the patient with a relative ease. A Wa ...
  2. The Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process - The Journey of Three Steps

    One of the biggest achievements for a homoeopathic doctor is reaching a comprehensive understanding of his patients so that he can find a simillimum for them. And this is where the importance of case-taking comes in. Dr. Dinesh's scientifically intuitive case witnessing process (a uniquely designed ...
  3. A Journey into the human core

    A real jewel and satisfaction behind a successful homoeopathic practice lies in providing a holistic (wholistic) healing to a diseased patient. A key for such practice lies in having a sound understanding upon What constitutes Whole in Health and in Disease, thus touching the root or core as we as h ...