Constantine Hering

Book Author Full Name: Constantine Hering

Books by this Author

  1. Condensed Materia Medica Revised enlarged & improved Ed.

    Here are close to 209 remedies, somewhat of a preview of what Hering created with his Guiding Symptoms. The symptoms of each remedy are divided into 48 sections with cross-references and characteristic symptoms. ...

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  2. Homeopathic Domestic Physician

    A detailed therapeutics manual in two parts. Part 1 describes the most common causes of disease (including affections of the mind, ailments from cold, heat, exertion, etc., poisoning, injuries & foreign bodies). Part 2 suggests remedies for the treatment of affections divided into body parts, plus problems of women,...

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  3. Analytical Repertory of Symptoms of the Mind

    The arrangement as well as the style of printing, has the one object especially in view, viz. to make it as easy as possible for the eye, and through the eye, for the mind to find what is looked for.
  4. The Guiding Symptoms of Materia Medica (10 Vol Set)

    It is a monumental work of ten volume by Dr. Constantine Hering. This work is a collection of cured symptoms and hence it is a complement to all other works in our materia medica. One of the best reference books written by dr constantine hering with his vast experience adn practical knowledge in the field. specially commended for teh busy...