Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy

Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy

What Makes the MICH Program Unique

The diploma program spans over a 4-year period and incorporates many ways of learning that are holistic and innovative. The in-person experiential weekends of exploration, group interaction, dialogue, and hands-on practice necessary for competency as a therapist are interspersed with many different ways of learning, including interactive webinars, on-line quizzes and flashcards, digital audio recordings, videos, audio-visual multi-media presentations and live clinical supervised training – to name just a few. Our modular hybrid of learning environments allows great flexibility with online learning and webinars interspersed with experiential, hands-on training, apprenticeship and one-one one facilitation and clinical supervision.

More than a school, MICH is a community of professional collaboration. Our graduates created the MICH Professional Association to define and uphold the standards of practice, and guarantee that every MICH homeopath works diligently and ethically in the client-homeopath collaborative journey towards wellness. What they all cherish and share is the unique approach and insightful understanding emerging from the MICH Method.


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