Classical Homeopathic Lectures - Volume C

by Vassilis Ghegas

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Preface to volume C

Volume C contains 'Materia Medica' information of 2 successive seminars.

A part of the information of the seminar November 1988 in Bloemendaal (NL) can be found in Volume B. The rest of the information, i.e. a number of children's remedies, can be found in this Volume.

In the seminar of April 1989 in Bloemendaal, Vassilis discussed the other children's remedies and all the other information which you will read in this book.

In all, 25 children's remedies are brought together in this book. Not that these remedies are only seen in children, but Vassilis Ghegas mainly discusses the symptoms which are particularly seen in children and especially the way these symptoms are to be recognized in daily homoeopathic practice.

In his seminars, he gives more information about children, mainly during discussions of essences, by giving an additional description of how to recognize the remedy discussed in children.

In this Volume, he continues with remedies and their characteristic symptoms in skin disorders, which is partially discussed in Volume A page A. 134.

I want to point out that in the course of the 2 seminars mentioned above, Vassilis Ghegas spent a lot of time on the discussion ' How to take the case, how to handle the patient': the first consultation, the first prescription, possible reactions to a homoeopathic remedy, the second consultation, the second prescription, all aspects of follow-up, potencies etc. Because this information forms a whole in itself, it will be put together in the next book, Volume D. 

ISBN 9074077188
Language English
Author Vassilis Ghegas
Pages 206
Publication Date 2010
Type Paperback