Case Analysis and Prescribing Techniques

by Robin Murphy

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Case taking is the most important part of homeopathic professional treatment, and an art which can decide not only the progress of a patient but the final outcome of the case as well. In order to make this an enjoyable and rewarding experience, we introduce Robin Murphy's Case Analysis and Prescribing Techniques, a book written by the master for homeopathic students and practitioners world-wide.
The book includes topics such as the Organon, Mistakes in Prescribing, Vital Force, Definition of Health, Etiologies, Case Management, and Miasms. Also, several cases are analyzed throughout the book with descussions and follow-up. This book contains the transcripts of seven, 95 minute audio tapes. There is student-teacher dialogue clearing queries. Also, the book guides about potency selection.
The author has given a point-wise approach to case taking punctuated with general discussions on the related subjects and giving invaluable tips all along, making it somewhat revolutionary when compared with accepted notions divulged and applied in the earlier guidelines to case taking.
He discussed the 6th edition of Organon in detail highlighting and discussing in depth several important aspects of case taking, viz.:
Methods of repertorizing.
Various methods of case taking.
Etiologies to be looked for during case taking.
How to handle AIDS cases.
How to treat and manage drug addicts.
Gauge reaction to treatments, etc.
He also points out the common mistakes a student or practitioner may make in the course of case taking or treatment.
It is a redrafted and re-explained approach for the connoisseur aimed at implementing and improving the art, that is of "Case Taking".
Dr. P.N. Jain

Case Analysis and Prescribing Techniques
Brand New, but printed in India so the quality is usually not that good.
ISBN 9788131902493
Language English
Author Robin Murphy
Pages 287
Publication Date 2004-01-01
Type Hardback
Printed in India
Publisher B. Jain