Carroll Dunham

Book Author Full Name: Carroll Dunham

Books by this Author

  1. Homoeopathy The Science of Therapeutics

    A collection of writings on the principles of cure have been placed together, while clinical cases illustrating these principles have been put side by side; evidence of a mind ever progressive and hospitable to truth. ...
  2. OUT OF PRINT: Lectures on Materia Medica

    Homoeopathic pharmacy and Posology is mentioned in this book for the convenience of the students in the art and mode of prescribing. This book gives complete information about the Materia Medica and Universal Law of Therapeutics. The exclusive added feature of this book is “How to take the Case” whi ...
  3. How To Take The Case

    The author has tried to give maximum amount of reliable information regarding the correct approach to practical case taking,discussing the do's & dont's in a simple & subtle way.