Piles, Fistula, Fissure, Prolapse, Constipation and their Homeopathic Management

by H.C. Malhotra

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The book is full of practical information on dealing with disorders of bowel movement such as constipation, piles, fistula, fissure and prolapse. The various fundamentals related to system have been presented in a manner that can be easily grasped by the reader. The etiology, clinical varieties and complications have been further discussed in detail for a basic understanding of the said conditions. Instructions have been also given on diet, hygiene and yoga that should be known to each and every member of the family with a history of such diseases so that all these measures can be taken care of.

A very helpful guide for both the suffering patient as well as the practitioner.

Care and Treatment of Piles
Brand New, but printed in India so the quality is usually not that good.
ISBN 817021601X
Language English
Author Malhotra
Pages 104
Publication Date 1998-12-31
Type Paperback
Printed in India
Publisher B. Jain