Body Language and Homeopathy

by Ajit Kulkarni

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Body language and Homoeopathy is a path breaking work fromthe house of one of the stalwarts. The book is divided into welldefinedchapters which are further divided into easy-to-digestsub-sections. The broad division of the text is into 4 sections.Section I deals with Introduction- History and Understanding theLanguage in general. Section II is on Communication - Bodylanguage as communication, Communication skills, Intra-psychiccommunication, Silence and Characters of body language.Section III focuses on the core elements of body language likePersonal Appearance, Gestures, Posture and Stance, Facialexpressions, Eye expressions, Voice and Intonation, Space andDistancing, Tactile Communication, Vocabulary and Universalgestures. Section IV takes care of Homoeopathic perspectiveincluding Clinical repertory and practical cases.The detailed text with illustrations under each and every sectionis indeed spellbinding and insightful. The author has thrown lightover the minutest of expressions and has explained theirsignificance from psychological, philosophical, spiritual andhomoeopathic point of view. The ultimate benefit of this book isthat it widens and expands our consciousness at all levels. Thisbook has a different perspective of understanding not only theworld around us but the world inside each of us. This book willleave a long lasting impression on the mind and will help inincreasing the ability of the physician to observe a peculiarexpression in their patients.This book will also be useful to all teachers, doctors,psychologists, psychiatrists, students, businessmen, actors, laypersons and all those directly or indirectly related to homoeopathyand concerned with the art of healing. The whole new world ofpossibilities and channels of prescribing has been explored andanalysed through this book.
Brand New, but printed in India so the quality is usually not that good.
ISBN 9788131908884
Language English
Author Ajit Kulkarni
Pages 792
Publication Date 2010
Type Hardback
Printed in India
Publisher B. Jain
Book Author(s) Ajit Kulkarni

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