Beyond Mind and Body

by Anne Vervarcke


Beyond Mind and Body is the translation of the Dutch book “Voorbij Lichaam en Geest”, published in 2010. It contains a selection of live cases Anne took during her Master Classes in Leuven in the presence of students and homeopaths. Because of the request for more explanation than was given originally in ”The Postgraduate Annual”, in this edition the reports of the cases are completed with the questions and answers from the in-between analyses. Christel Lombaerts takes in this the role of the questioners. 

Through the verbatim text of the anamneses clarifying comments are added. In this way the method and the sophistication of the ‘Vital Approach’ are best exemplified.

ISBN 9789081001786
Language English
Pages 212
Type Paperback
Printed in Belgium
Publisher The White Room