A Repertory of 20 Meditative Provings

by Susan Palmer

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A repertory, in the Kentian format, including only those remedies whose symptoms have been developed by meditative provings. The provings were done by the Guild of Homeopaths in England in the early 1990s and the remedies have been used successfully since then. Most of the remedies, such as Purple, Goldfish and Berlin Wall are unfamiliar to the student of classical homeopathy.

During the 1990's the Guild of Homoeopaths developed many new Homoeopathic remedies and new means of proving, via meditation. This repertory brings together information on twenty of the more widely used of these remedies, in a traditional 'Kentian Style' format, with the addition of an esoteric chapter. The symptom pictures of these new remedies have already been published elsewhere, but this publication includes a brief description of each remedy, to assist the user.

ISBN 0954554000
Language English
Author Susan Palmer
Pages 128
Publication Date 2003-08-01
Type Paperback