A practical guide to methods of homeopathic prescribing

by Ellen Kramer

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This book is very competent exploration of the better tested methods used by homeopaths in clinical practice and is a good introduction to homeopathy. It provides an excellent grounding in the basic principles of homeopathy and how the different approaches used by homeopaths can be understood and used more effectively by practitioners. It covers the whole process from taking a case and a time-line, understanding and using methods appropriately to the use of repertories, therapeutics books and materia medicas and links succinctly with the 'laws of homeopathy' and the need for an understanding of nutrition and herbal tinctures. All of this is in a readable, logical, easy to follow style.
A practical guide to methods of homeopathic prescribing
ISBN 9780955555206
Language English
Author Ellen Kramer
Pages 87
Publication Date 2010
Type Paperback