Out of print A Healer In Every Home - Quick Start Edition

by Begabati Lennihan


The book is no longer available and replaced by 'Your Natural Medicine Cabinet'

A Healer In Every Home just might be the perfect book for someone brand new to homeopathy. It's friendly, easy, full of stories, and empowering for someone just starting out, because it focuses on conditions where one or two top remedies are likely to give good results. Beautifully designed, it makes a great gift to help homeopathy aficionados share their enthusiasm with family and friends. It's ideal for someone who finds the existing introductory books a little daunting. By the time someone is finished with this book, they will feel well prepared to move on to these other books, which are well recommended in A Healer In Every Home. It's based on author Begabati Lennihan's 30 years of experience in sharing homeopathy with newcomers - first in her health food store, then as a teacher of homeopathy.

A Healer In Every Home - Quick Start Edition
ISBN 9780983443100
Language English
Author Begabati Lennihan
Pages 127
Publication Date 2011
Type Paperback