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The Desert World, A Homeopathic Exploration

by Todd Rowe

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The Desert World is an exploration of the desert. As homeopaths, we possess a unique window into the natural world. Like folklore and mythology, homeopathy can speak to the true nature of things, offering us a way to embrace the spirit of everything in our natural world. This book evokes the images, feelings, stories, sensations and energy that are desert, showing how they manifest in the medicines that come from the desert and the people who need them. We can be profoundly touched and healed by our connection with the desert.
'Dr. Todd Rowe leads us through an entire ecosystem with the lens of a reverent scientist in this revolutionary approach to the vast and mysterious realm of remedies of the desert. Using sensation, seven levels and Hahnemanian provings, he brings all of our oldest and most recently developed methods of studying Materia Medica together. This book is a giant leap forward for homeopathy.'
-Nancy Herrick, PA

Key features include:
- New approach to analyzing cases through the study of biomes - Exploration of the natural history of the desert - Themes, sensations and energy of desert medicines - New proving material on desert medicines - Cured cases using desert medicines - Listing of desert medicines - Book contains an extensive CD with thematic research and complete provings, proving comparison studies, additional cases in PDF Format
The Desert World, A Homeopathic Exploration
ISBN 0972022414
Language English
Author Todd Rowe
Pages 172
Publication Date 2010
Type Paperback
Publisher Desert Insitute Publishing