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Picture It: Homeopathy

by Aarti Patel

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For 32 of the most well known remedies, plus 4 miasms, you'll find the usual summary descriptions. But the memorable features of this book are several intricate drawings for each remedy, embellished with notations, accentuating the physical, mental and general characteristics of a person needing that remedy.

When you meet someone new, through daily life, at work, or as a doctor seeing a patient, you form an immediate impression of that person. Over time, you get to know that person better by becoming familiar with their habits, quirks, and mannerisms. "Picture It: Homeopathy" combines both of these characteristics in learning about people through the study of homeopathy, providing picture-based snapshots with in-depth descriptions of common personalities.
Whether you're a student studying homeopathy or just interested in learning what homeopathy is all about, this unique and imaginative book offers a fun and exciting way for you to learn. Combining visual artistry with clear, concise descriptions, "Picture It: Homeopathy" makes the study of this fascinating medicine accessible to everyone. In a relaxed and humorous tone, Dr. Patel brings the study of homeopathy, and thereby people, into a fresh new light.

Picture It: Homeopathy
ISBN 9781477601891
Language English
Author Aarti Patel
Pages 71
Publication Date 2012-06-14
Type Paperback
Printed in USA